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Being Still on our Journey

Today, my daughter is planning for a journey and deciding what to pack.

It reminds me that this journey we are on together requires us to use what we brought with us, as well as let go of the stuff we left behind and strive for acquiring our goals.


I know on this journey, I will be using my courage, determination and patience.

Courage to go beyond the comforts I already know about myself.  Determination to continue the journey everyday.  Patience to acknowledge where I am and the journey has its own schedule.  

I know on this journey, I need to leave behind my doubts, fears and walls.

I can no longer believe in my doubts  of self worth.  I can no longer let my fears of change hold me back.  I can no longer use my walls to keep others at a distance.

I strive to acquire on this journey finding my true self through  discovering more about me, trusting others and joining true joy of spirit!

What are you bring on this journey?

What are you leaving behind?

What are you striving to acquire?

Take time today, to Be ONE FOUR yoU!  “B” is for BEING still.

Use the 14th hour of your day for BEING still for 14 minutes and just reflect on the bringing, the leaving and the acquiring on this Journey into Wellness.

Your 14th hour of the day can be at anytime.  

It is about planning the time for BEING still.  

It is about taking the 14 minutes or longer for self.  

BE still and reflect in your mind, journal words, draw pictures, sing a song,  or move in a dance of what you have brought, what you have left behind and what you are striving to acquire on your journey.

Our Journey into Wellness has begun, live it well!

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