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Being reminded to WAIT, message from the garden!

It has happened again!  The garden has spoken to me, and it is not being kind!

Yesterday, I went to check on the vegetable garden.  This year it is much smaller than years past.  A few pea plants for the spring are gone, but potatoes, squash and tomatoes are still to come.

As I looked at the tomato plants, my heart became heavy.  Green!  The tomatoes are still green.

The days are hot, and I am craving a ripe tomato with basil salad!  WAIT!

WAIT, I do not like to wait.

I live in a world that gives me food from machines, friends at the touch of a button and success from a pill.

But for a home grown ripe tomato, my garden tells me to wait. Waiting brings on emotions of fear, worry, and frustration.

Who am I really to be when I wait?  Time to ask the garden. 1110101446-01

The tomato plant is an interesting creature in my garden.  It begins its life in the early spring, from a very tiny seed.  This seed is planted in a small container in my home, for the spring soil is to cool for it to begin its life in the ground.  Though it appears to be waiting and doing nothing, in the soil that seed is beginning to grow.  It is letting go of the fear of what is outside the seed and preparing for the journey ahead.  As it develops into a sprout, it is very thin and fragile, it continues to grow and find support in the leaves and roots that bring nourishment to its soul.  This plant is not frozen in worry, it is not sitting and waiting.  The tomato plant is using all of its resources to grow to support the fruit it will produce.  Finally tiny flowers begin to blossom, they will eventually become the giver of the fruit, the part that sees no frustration in waiting for the ripening of the tomato, but is there to give to the fruit the need to hold on, to share with those who will be nourished by its goodness.

Am I not that tomato plant?  In my life there are many things that seem to be impossible, that bring a fear, worry and frustration.  But in all these things, my heart is telling me to wait.  Wait and grow with the support  of self as I grow in my own exploring of who I am.  Wait and grow in the encouragement from others.  Wait and grow in the empowerment to be the truth that will blossom from my whole self.

Waiting is not passive, it is an active part of being true to living life well!


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