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Being like snow through the holidays!

I really love snow! I do! I love to walk in the snow and listen to the quiet it brings to the world. I love to see the way it touches everything. I love the the way it sticks to every branch of the tree and covers the ground like a warm blanket.
Take time this holiday season to be like snow!

Take time to listen to those around you and take time to share in the joy and sorrow of each moment.
Take time to be still, giving yourself quiet time and rest.
Take time to touch the hearts of others with love and peace, just as a warm blanket of snow.

Snow gives us time, so take a moment and live well!

Today, I will honor my heart through being like snow, bringing quiet to my heart, touching the heart of others through listening and sharing!

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  1. Kim Schoffstall

    I once saw a movie about a girl who was deaf. She was asked to explain what it was like to be deaf and she said that it was like it is when it snows… quiet.

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