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B14U: Mental preparation

The Journey into Wellness has begun!
I spent most of yesterday physically preparing for the journey. I invited friends on face book to join me on this journey.
Cleaned the house, office and self of the holiday mood.
Decided on a place in my office to take time each day for the journey, but still need to get a my rock(physical focus point) and my chair into place.
And, though I have not scheduled that time onto my calendar, I have given it some thought.

How did your plans, for the physical basis of your journey into wellness, go? Still working on them, like me? Good! It is a process.

As we finish up on our physical basis: the where, when and who; we need to start reviewing our mental basis for the journey: WHY!
Fred at Work
Each “why” is like the definition of wellness. It is personal, it is individual, it is unique, it is true!

For me the why is time! I want to explore the time that I can give to myself and how that will influence my holistic health(body, mind and spirit). I want to encourage myself to take time just for myself, to acknowledge my pains, fears, shame that blocks me from holistic health. I want to empower myself in health, by knowing that I am worthy of the time I spend learning, doing, believing, becoming my true self. I know that I am not living well everyday and I need to begin to believe that I can become well, with time.

So what is all of that: it is about taking the time to discover me!

Why are you taking this Journey into Wellness?

Why, spend time each day on yourself
Why, acknowledge your weaknesses
Why, acknowledge your strengths
Why, share with others
Why, discover your true self

Today B ONE FOR yoU: The B is mental Basis. Take time today to explore the mental basis of why!

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