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Are we still breathing?

Wow! Taking time every hour to focus on breathing yesterday really made me aware of how time flies by during the day. I had been working on the computer and the timer would go off, I stopped reset it, did my focus breathing and went back to work. Next thing I know, the timer is going off again! But, I feel like I accomplished so much more yesterday, just by taking a few minutes to focus on the breath of life.

So, today, I will continue to stop every 14th minute of every hours and give my complete focus to 14th breaths. In addition to that, I invite you to join me in body breathing.
Yes, that is it. Be ONE FOR yoU: The “B” is for BODY BREATHING. It is very simple to do.

1. Breathe in through your nose all the way to your diaphragm, feel the diaphragm (that large muscle between your lungs and abdominal area, that pulls down when you inhale to give the lungs room to expand) move down into the abdominal region. Place your had on your stomach and feel it move down and out. Do not be afraid to let your abdomen expand, I promise it will not make you loss muscle mass and increase your waist. Actually, by moving those muscles it will remind them to tighten when needed!
2. As you exhale through you nose, feel the diaphragm and abdomen return to a neutral place.

3. Next, breathe through your nose, and into your ribs. As you breathe in, feel the ribs expand to the sides of your body. Place your hands on your sides and feel your ribs expand out. Let the intercostal muscles help the ribs move out into a huge wing span.
4. As you exhale, feel the ribs return to their neutral place.

5. Finally, breathe into your upper chest and back. Feel the collar bone rise, the sternum move out and the spine expand.
6. As you exhale, feel the collar bones, the sternum and the spine return to their neutral place.

One more time breathe into each area, now put it all together! Breathe into the abdomen, then the ribs, and now the chest. Exhale in reverse order chest, ribs, abdomen.

Each area of the lungs, receives oxygen when we body breathe. Muscles and bones are moved that have been tight.

Today, give your body, mind and spirit the gift of feeling more alive through body breathing!

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