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All you need for your journey!

We have been on our Journey into Wellness for over a month and a half now!

We have discovered all that we need for our journey: breathing, bending, bonding.  David148394-R1-042-19A_021

Taking time each day to breathe, connect to mind. 

Taking time each day to bend, connecting to the body.  

Taking time each day to bond, connecting to the spirit. 

On the rest of our journey, we will focus on exploring!  Exploring information on nourishing, maintaining, restoring, growing and sharing ones true self.

We will focus on encouraging!  Finding encouragement in self and others, for self and others!

We will focus on empowering!  Being empowered by others and self: a feeling of balance, hopefulness, belief in you!

As you take time today to connect with your breath, reflect on things you want to explore in wellness, where and from whom you want to find encouragement and empowerment, and whom you will encourage and empower to live life well!

(If you have a specific topic you wish  to explore send me  message!)

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