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Adapting to Change: Yes, You Can

We hear it all the time: “Change is hard.” But it doesn’t have to be! Change can be exhilarating, exciting and exactly what you need. When we alter our way of thinking about changes and practice some healthy skills, we can teach ourselves to be resilient and adapt to what comes our way.

Think about the happiest person you know. How does he or she handle change? I would venture to bet that person handles it well. Happy people typically have the ability to roll with the punches and make the most of the changes that come their way. You can learn to adapt to change, too! Practice these principles:

  1. Accept what is. Too often we spend our time thinking about what could have been, what should have been or what might have been. Instead, let’s focus on what is and find ways to appreciate it or accept that what is, is. When we resist or refuse to accept, the only one we are hurting is ourselves. This causes stress, anxiety, sadness or disappointment. Try to accept things whether you love them or not. Stop and think, “This is the way it is. How can I adjust?” In this way, you change yourself.
  2. Be open-minded. Another trait of resilient people is their open-mindedness. They welcome new experiences and ideas and embrace diversity of thinking and character. Don’t allow your mind to trap you. Seek out information about things you resist, because learning and understanding are powerful. When we can relate to a situation or at least empathize, we are more accepting and roll with the punches.
  3. Try something new. Happy people often never stop learning or going on adventures, no matter how small. Try a painting class, go rock climbing or try singing. Doing something new forces you to step out of your comfort zone and into your sense of adventure. The more you learn about the world around you and the more you expand your mind, you’ll find that you can handle newness and change better than ever.
  4. Accept that change is inevitable. Without change, we would never advance our technology, never experience new homes and, most importantly, never grow as human beings. Change will always be present in the world around us — in nature, at work and in our family dynamics. It’s part of life, whether it’s wonderful or hard. Realize that everyone faces changes and life does go on, often better than ever!
  5. Meditate. Meditation is a centering process that brings calm to our lives. When you find yourself struggling with change, take time to sit in silence. Consider the change, then clear your mind. You’ll be amazed at the peace, and sometimes solutions, that comes to you with this simple practice. Meditation doesn’t have to be elaborate. Read more about it in this post.

We all experience change — sometimes on a daily basis! Your success and happiness are rooted in your ability to adapt to the changes around you. For more information on building the skills to face the world with resiliency, contact me! Together, we can boost your confidence, teach you to trust yourself, and relax in our ever-changing world.

A nurse for more than 25 years, Karen David is a Certified Wellness Coach and Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist. She brings her passion for well living and calm presence to empower others in health and wellness. Karen is CEO of Live Life Well, LLC.

This article is for informational purposes only. Practices, services or products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please speak with a doctor before beginning any new health regimen.


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