About Live Life Well, LLC

Live Life Well, LLC is about you. Wellness is the balance of all that is received into oneself and all that is given from oneself. At Live Life Well, each client is empowered to reach their optimal wellness though daily practice of personal wellness habits. balance

It all begins with belief. I believe in you. I see your truth and goodness and want to help you see it, too. It’s my mission to help you believe in yourself. Together, we can make that happen.

Each client will go through personal discovery exercises and practice daily habits that will help you reveal your truth. I promise you’ll be amazed to discover what living in whole wellness feels like, and you’ll begin to find ways to nourish yourself daily — body, mind and spirit.

At Live Life Well, personal wellness coaching for individuals and groups, small business wellness programs, wellness retreats and meditation classes are available. If you’re searching to reduce stress, focus on healthy habits and become your whole self, I can help you achieve those goals.

Getting Started

I offer free consult appointments to all new clients. In these consultations, we discuss your individual wellness goals, as those goals are personal to you. Over the course of our sessions together, we will assess your wellness, uncover your goals and desires and embrace your self-love and support from others. We’ll take action and work to release your barriers to personal wellness, activate your goals and celebrate your new true self. I will provide tools and resources to support you every step of the way.

What Should I Bring to My First Session?

Because each client is individual, what each person prepares to bring to initial sessions varies greatly. The simple answer is; you can’t go wrong. If you’re organized and motivated, you could bring a detailed list of concerns and goals. If you’re not sure of where to turn first, don’t worry. Instead of preparing a detailed list before our session, take time to sit quietly and breathe so you can come to the session relaxed, open and ready to get started. We’ll map out every step together.

To set up your initial free consult appointment, use my contact page, or call 540-219-1797.

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