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“A Whisper”

I am beginning a new blog series today. Under the Category of “A Whisper”. These will be short blogs from me to you, with love, peace and joy! I give to you a gift of “A Whisper”:

Yesterday, as I sat and listened to a friend. She says, “I just can not take anymore today”. Anymore!

There is always going to be more, life continues to give. What we do is take it!

Now it is time to RECEIVE IT!

Life is continually giving more, in our hearts, minds and bodies we need to be open to receive the giving.

To receive it, we are saying yes, I will accept this gift life is giving me. A gift in life is what occurs to us, for us, with us, everyday. It is joy, it is sadness, it is difficult, it is easy. Life is…..

Once we accept that all we need is given to us, we realize that all that is given to us is needed today!

Today, I will honor the gifts given to me by receiving them in mind, body and spirit.

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