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A Race or a Journey

Today I went to watch a 5k race. Each person has their own style of running/walking. Each person has a goal and a plan: to finish the race.
Sometimes we all look at life like it is a race.
Our goal is to finish the race, to complete our goal.
We keep moving along the road, not seeing what we are passing, not noticing those who are moving forward with us.

Is your life a race or a journey?!

What if you took life and made it a journey.
What if you set your goal to be present each moment of each day.
What if you cheer others along the way, stop and help others that are in need.
What if you fall and let others help you.
What if you move forward and back on the road, seeing all that is around us, spending time with those who are on the same path.

Let today be a day in your journey of life, filled with love, peace and joy!

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