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A new day!

Today, take time to reflect on a negative word, or a belief that you hold of yourself. 

It may be something you heard in your past, or a stumble that you made on your own.

Sometimes you hear: “can’t”, “not good”, “too _____(slow, loud, determined, shy)

Sometimes you feel: worthless, lost, dejected, afraid

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These words and feelings are not the true you!  They are the clouds that are hiding your light!  They are the rocks that is preventing your growth!

These works and feels may have served a purpose in your past.  They may have been  your protector from harm, your shield from danger, but they no longer have a purpose. 

They are now a heavy burden!

Let them go!  Drop them and walk away!

It is time to see your new self. It is time to hear the words that are positive in your life! I can! I will! I desire! I am!

It is time to begin the new words and beliefs of the true self!  

It is time for a new day, time to begin Living Life Well!  

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