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A different angle!

When I was young, I would lie on the couch with my head hanging down and look at the ceiling. I would imagine walking stepping over door frames and stepping right out windows. It was a completely different world. Clean lines, nothing cluttering the floor(ceiling).

Why do we stop looking at life from a different angle? Why do we continue to look through the clutter of the world with the same eyes, the same heart the same pain!

Maybe it is time to turn ourselves upside down and look with an open heart, and mind, a different angle. Maybe it is time to show compassion to all around us, through listening, hearing and understanding. Maybe it is time to love unconditionally ourselves and others. Unconditional love: to accept as it is!

Time to turn the world upside down! and live from a different angle!
Today, I will honor my heart with looking at life with unconditional love.

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