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My Heart Becomes My Eyes!

This morning, as I sit on my porch, the world is alive with music.  Closing my eyes, using only my ears, I can see up to nine different birds.  In the background, I see the bugs, crickets, making their calls.  I see more with my ears, than I do with my eyes!

My heart becomes my eyes!
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Sight can be deceiving.

I look at the tree and see the leaves, but miss the nest of birds waiting for food.

I look at the flowers and see the blossoms, but miss the roots crying for a drink.

I look at the  sky and see the clouds, but miss the sun hiding behind wanting to shine through.

Closing the eyes and opening the heart, I can see the need for peace, for love, for joy in each life.  

When, I look at you, I do not see the physical before me, I see the truth that is in you.  

I see, with my heart, your  desire to feed self and others with love through believing in your self. 

I see, with my heart, your desire to drink in peace for self and others through releasing the past.

I see, with my heart, your desire to shine in joy for self and others through giving of your time

Close your eyes, open your heart and see the wonder of the life living well!


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