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One small beginning!

One small word can make or break a person!

One small action can lift up or knock down a heart!

One small thought can renew hope or destroy life!


This week I met an individual that should have been broken, knocked down and destroyed by those she loved.

This week I met a person who is being made new, lifted up and renewing hope in self, for she has found self worth.  She has been shown her true heart, and it is love!

This week, I met a wonderful woman who believes again in life!

How can such a transformation take place?  How can one person go from feeling defeated to knowing that they are worthy of living life well?  

It all starts with a word, an action, and a thought from another!   It all starts with: “I believe in you”.   

This woman began to see  her goals in life become realistic.  She began to learn more about herself and her needs.

This woman believes in her truth.  She told her story.  She wept for her losses.  She surrendered her pain and fears.  She found encouragement from self and others.

This woman is becoming her true self.  She has been empowered to make choices, to make changes, to be well.

I know this woman and her journey!  I am this woman!

Live Life Well strives to be in a partnership with you to reach your wellness goals as you become “your true self”.

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“I believe in you!”




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