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10 Tips for Creating a Powerful Gratitude Journal

GratitudePeople journal for many reasons. Sometime I write about my day to relieve stress, other times to remember special memories. But did you know you can journal to create abundance in your life? You can, by starting your own gratitude journal. Journaling our gratitude is such a fulfilling experience and can create powerful changes.

I’ve got 10 ideas to help you make the most of your gratitude journal:

  1. Choose a journal that you treasure. Start by finding a journal or notebook that really calls to you. If you like simple elegance, perhaps a plain leather journal will work. Or maybe you want something with some bling! Grab what speaks to YOU so you’ll want to pick it up each night and write.
  2. Be conscious and present. If you’re simply going through the motions and making a list of things, you’re missing out and failing to tap into the true power of abundance. Block out the world and other thoughts for a few minutes a day and really focus on your writing and thankfulness. Also, writing with the non-dominant hand can give focus to your work and keep the mind from wandering
  3. Don’t limit yourself to a schedule. Many people begin or end their days with the practice of writing in their gratitude journals. However, if something pops up during the day that you feel especially thankful for, don’t wait to write it down!
  4. Be detailed. Rather than just writing what you are grateful for, also try writing why you are grateful. You’ll trigger more smiles and feelings by being specific.
  5. Savor the experience. Feel the emotions that truly being thankful for something brings. Think about the gift and what it means to you as you write. Savor the experience.
  6. Ban negativity. Don’t allow yourself to write anything negative or to compare your experiences to others. Write only about the gratitude in your life. The more things you can feel grateful for, the more wonderful things will pop up in your life.
  7. Avoid setting a minimum. You don’t want to force your gratitude and write about a certain number of items each day. Just plan to write something. Some days you may have 10 and some you may simply focus on one thing, event or person. Do what feels right to you in the moment.
  8. Set your creativity free. If you’re feeling inspired and creative, draw or paint in your journal instead of writing some days. Tape in mementos from special times or photos of people or things that make you feel grateful.
  9. Mix it up. Be intentional about your entries and focus on a variety of things each day. Writing the same things can become monotonous. Try going about your day and intentionally searching for things to feel grateful for.
  10. Don’t give up. Commit to your gratitude journal for a month. It takes 40 days to form a habit, so give it a little bit longer than that and see what a natural and enjoyable part of your life it can be.

For more tips on starting a gratitude journal and tapping into the abundance gratitude can bring, contact me, Karen David. I’d love to work with you to see all you have to be thankful for in your life.

All the best, and happy journaling!

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