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10 Surprising Benefits of Living a Life of Minimalism

10 Surprising Benefits of Living a Life of Minimalism

Did you know the old adage “Less is more.” can be applied to your health? How, you ask? There is a link between clutter and stress. Think about it. If you had the option to work in a room filled with laundry baskets of clothes, an unmade bed, shoes scattered on the floor and possessions covering every surface of the room or a room with clear surfaces, a freshly vacuumed, clutter-free floor and a freshly made bed, which would you choose? How does thinking about each scenario make you feel?

If you are like most people, the clutter causes you stress. Your environment is reflected in your moods and emotions and can create or alleviate stress and impact productivity. With this in mind, have you ever considered living a life of minimalism? I’m not suggesting you pack one suitcase of belongings and head on out to Walden Pond. But what if you could cut back? The health benefits are pretty incredible.

Health Benefits of Minimalism

  1. You create room to put what is important front and center in your life. This creates room to fill your life with purpose instead of material things.
  2. You make space to breathe. Clutter is claustrophobic and leads to scattered thinking and stress. Make space for relaxation.
  3. You can focus on yourself and joy. When you’re not trying to keep up with the neighbors, you can truly focus on self. Create time for happiness and enjoy life.
  4. You’ll naturally focus less on materialism. Your focus can shift to being comfortable, not excessive. You’ll no longer be obsessed with going overboard and can relax and build strong relationships and memories.
  5. You’ll develop a more peaceful mind. We worry about holding on to our material possessions. When we let go, we have less to worry about. There’s less to lose and naturally less fear. Our stress levels decrease tenfold.
  6. You’ll promote self-reliance. Minimalism allows you to focus on yourself as an individual. What do you really want out of life and what can you handle yourself? You’ll be amazed by your confidence boost.
  7. You will free yourself of some financial worries. Minimalism naturally promotes spending less. When you spend less, you save more for what really matters and remove the stress of financial burdens.
  8. You’ll feel lighter. Minimalism breeds feelings of freedom. You’ll feel lighter with each item you purge.
  9. You’ll increase your productivity. Remember the two room options above? When you’re surrounded by neatness and nothing in need of tidying, you can really get into your groove and accomplish great things.
  10. You’ll achieve overall improved mental clarity. Remove the physical clutter and the mental clutter will follow. Ahhh. The ability to slow down and do less is something to really treasure.

10 Surprising Benefits of Living a Life of MinimalismAre you ready to reap the benefits? Maybe it’s time to give minimalism a try! And if you need a little coaching through your process and in building your best life, please reach out. Together we can increase your productivity, happiness and help you meet your goals.


A nurse for more than 25 years, Karen David is a Certified Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and board certified Focused Awareness Meditation Specialist. She brings her passion for well living and calm presence to empower others in health and wellness. Karen is CEO of Live Life Well, LLC.

This article is for informational purposes only. Practices, services or products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please speak with a doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

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